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The essential role of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide+ (NAD+) in redox reactions during oxidative respiration is well known, yet the coenzyme and regulator functions of NAD+ in diverse and important processes are still being discovered. Maintaining NAD+ levels through diet is essential for health. In fact, the United States requires supplementation of the NAD+ precursor niacin into the food chain for these reasons. A large body of research also indicates that elevating NAD+ levels is beneficial for numerous conditions, including cancer, cardiovascular health, inflammatory response, and longevity. Consequently, strategies have been created to elevate NAD+ levels through dietary supplementation with NAD+ precursor compounds. This paper explores current research regarding these therapeutic compounds. It then focuses on the NAD+ regulation of IL-13 signaling, which is a research area garnering little attention. IL-13 is a critical regulator of allergic response and is associated with Parkinson’s disease and cancer. Evidence supporting the notion that increasing NAD+ levels might reduce IL-13 signal-induced inflammatory response is presented. The assessment is concluded with an examination of reports involving popular precursor compounds that boost NAD+ and their associations with IL-13 signaling in the context of offering a means for safely and effectively reducing inflammatory response by IL-13.

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