A New Micro-Endemic Species of Alectryon (Sapindaceae) from Koghis Forest, New Caledonia

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The new species Alectryon hirsutus is described from New Caledonia. It is distinguished from the only other member of the genus occurring on this southwest Pacific island, A. carinatus, by its uniformly densely hirsute indumentum (vs. glabrous or with short, appressed trichomes) as well as features of its leaves [(2‐)3‐5 pairs of leaflets vs. 1‐2]) and fruits (9‐16 × 16‐28 mm vs. 5.6‐13 × 5.7‐10.6 mm), along with its presence in dense humid forest (vs. sclerophyllous or lowland dry forest). A preliminary conservation status of Critically Endangered [CR] is suggested following IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria.