Anderson and Shushan: Lichens of Western North America Fascicle VIII

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Summer 2022


Twenty-five North American lichens are issued in Fascicle VIII of the “Anderson and Shushan: Lichens of Western North America” series, numbers 176–200. This fascicle is comprised of material representing specimens from the Rhizoplaca melanophthalma aggregate, including the vagrant taxa R. arbuscula, R. haydenii, and R. idahoensis; two collections representing unattached forms in the R. porteri group – R. melanophthalma ssp. crispa and an erratic form of R. porteri; and two umbilicate saxicolous taxa, R. robusta and R. shushanii, the former described as new to science here. We also provide the first morphological description for R. shushanii, a species that was initially described based on diagnostic DNA sequence characters.