Submissions from 2019


Data for Vegetation Maps for Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed (RCEW) for the Year 2015, Hamid Dashti, Andrw Poley, Nancy F. Glenn, Nayani Ilangakoon, Lucas Spaete, Dar Roberts, Josh Enterkine, Alejandro N. Flores, Susan L. Ustin, and Jessica J. Mitchell

Submissions from 2016


2014 Lidar-Derived 1m Digital Elevation Model Data Set for Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed, Southwestern Idaho, Nayani Ilangakoon, Nancy F. Glenn, Lucas P. Spaete, Hamid Dashti, and Aihua Li


2009 1m Snow Depth for Reynolds Mountain East, Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed, Idaho, Rupesh Shrestha


2007 Lidar-Derived Digital Elevation Model, Canopy Height Model and Vegetation Cover Model Data Sets for Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed, Southwestern Idaho, Rupesh Shrestha and Nancy F. Glenn


2013 Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area RapidEye 7m Landcover Classification, Lucas P. Spaete, Nancy F. Glenn, and Charles W. Baun

Submissions from 2015


Data for Aboveground Biomass Estimates of Sagebrush Using Terrestrial and Airborne LiDAR Data in a Dryland Ecosystem, Aihua Li, Nancy F. Glenn, Peter J. Olsoy, Jessica J. Mitchell, and Rupesh Shrestha