Submissions from 2015


Author’s Place, Digital Space: Mapping Tennessee Williams, 1938-1948, Carmi Acosta, Arthur Aguilera, Amanda Baschnagel, Clark Gillespie, Kathleen Hamilton, Sam Hansen, Ty Huff, Bryce Klinger, Janne Knight, Corina Monoran, Laurie Plummer, and Brittany Reichel


Reconstructing the Geologic History of the House Mountain Metamorphic Complex (Southern Idaho) Through Zircon Age and Geochemical Analysis, Eli Andersen and Mark Schmitz


A Seasonal Analysis of Extreme Precipitation Trends in the Contiguous United States, Rachael Balstad and Jaechoul Lee

Hash Functions Based on Data Encryption Standard (DES), Brandon Barker and Michael Smith

Mini Play in Mandarin Chinese by the Chinese 202 Class, Lindsey Bays, Lauren Williams, Phonesack Taengphachanh, Seoyeon Lee, and Alexander Floate

Obliterated Serial Number Recovery on Materials with Laser Imprinting, Kody Bensinger

Analysis of E. Coli RK 4353 Metabolites, Kynna Bertagnolli

Soil Textures in the Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed: What Do They Tell Us?, Cody Black, Maeve McCormick, Omar Huq, Chris Stanbery, Ryan Will, Kerrie Weppner, Jennifer Pierce, and Shawn Benner

Simultaneous Electrodeposition of Ni-Mn-Ga to Produce a Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy, India Byars

The Impact of Imperfect Information on Network Attack, Jesus Caloca, A. Melchionna, S. Squires, T. Antonsen, and E. Ott

Forensic Examination of Latent Prints Using Raman Spectroscopy, Shad Corbin

Molecular Control of Arterial Calcification, Jacob Crow

Developing a Tree-Ring Chronology for Reconstructing Past Climate Conditions, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, UT, Amy Cutter

One More Notch Towards the Connection of ECM and Cell Communication, Michael Detweiler and Allan Albig

Sex, Lies, and Diaspora: Constructions of Masculinity and Compulsive Infidelity in Junot Díaz's "The Cheater's Guide to Love", Summer DuPree

Major and Trace Element Analysis of Cayman Island Trough Basalts, Andrea Duran

Shapeshifting Self: A Search for the Authentic in Daniel Clowes’s Ghost World, Rob Erickson

iHSP: Historia Scholastica Project III, Molley Felte, Alisha Barrera, and Joe Green

Art and Privacy in the Technological Age, Tom Finnegan

Novel and Magnetic Properties of Sn1-xZnxO2 Nanoparticles, Nevil Franco, Kongara M. Reddy, Josh Eixenberger, Dmitri A. Tenne, and Charles Hanna


Using Age as a Predictor of Chemotypes for Low Sagebrush (Artemisia Arbuscula): Can Age Help Us Manage Sage-Grouse Foraging Habitat?, Andrea Gibbons, Marcella Fremgen, Jack Connelly, and Jennifer S. Forbey

Soil Inorganic Carbon in the Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed: Lithological Controls on Inorganic Carbon Storage, Alison Good, Chris Stanbery, Ryan Will, Jen Pierce, Kerrie Weppner, Shawn Benner, and Alejandro Flores


Aggregation in Complex Triacylglycerol Oils: Course Grained Models, Tyler Gordon


Plant Driven Movement: Does Plant Quality Affect the Foraging Patterns of Successful Male Sage-Grouse (Centrocercus Urophasianus)?, Karli Graski, Marcella R. Fremgen, Gail Patricelli, Alan Krakauer, and Jennifer S. Forbey

Politics, Painting and Presentation: Velázquez’s Equestrian Portraits for the Hall of Realms at Buen Retiro, Kristina Gray

Linguistic Navigation of First Generation College Students, Curtis A. Green-Eneix

Regulation of Type II Collagen Fibrillogenesis in Vitro by Accessory and Chaperone Proteins, Brad Grimm

Dissolution and Electrochemical Reduction of Zirconium, Thorium, and Uranium Metals in Ionic Liquids, Phillip Hammer

Unpacking ‘Madness as Rebellion': Mental Illness, Agency, and Death in Women’s Literature, Madison Hansen

Kikongo Language Structures, Alyssa Jane Helms, Moira May, Jared Albrecht, Alisha Barrera, Haley Boone, Danielle Davidson, Chris Dodson, Thomas Gonzales, Luke Holmgren, Dane Johnson, Chelsea Jordan, Matthew Kelley, Grace McBride, Ivana Mullner, Lynn Nelson, Kimberly Ruesch, Justin Tolman, and Deryk White

Reclaiming Lost Territory: The Response of Owyhee Harvester Ants to Forager Intrusions by Neighboring Colonies, Brett Howell

Synthesis of Aziridinomitosene Anticancer Analogs That Vary at the C6/C7 Positions, Savannah Irving, Riley Olsen, and Don Warner

Identifying Distinguishing Characteristics of Secondary Pyroclastic Density Currents, Shelby Isom and Brittany Brand

“And Then I Am Busy, Trying to Become Who I Am”: Authentic Identity, Sincere Relationships, and Feminism in Lena Dunham’s Girls and Sheila Heti’s How Should a Person Be?, Melanie Jones

Can Charcoal Records Preserved in Sediments Provide Clues to Past Civilizations in Northern Thailand?, Robert Jost

Doxorubicin Analogs Show Synergistic Against Human Sarcoma Cells, Megan Kelly-Slatten, Ryan Carfi, Don Warner, and Ken Cornell

Curiouser & Curiouser: A Study of Creative Expressive Writing and Perceived Writerly Self-Efficacy in the Writing Center, Allison King

Investigations into Aziridinomitosene DNA-Protein Crosslinking in Human Cancer Cells, Hannah Kulm, Ryan Carfi, Ken Cornell, and Don Warner

Hideous Rites and Questionable Shapes: Non-Realist Elements in American Literary Realism, Josh Marr

Determining the Density and Fate of Piute Ground Squirrel Carcasses in the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, Romaric Mukuna, Benjamin P. Pauli, Zoe K. Tinkle, Emily R. Sun, Daniel Wolfe, Jennifer S. Forbey, and Julie Heath

On the Emotional Significance of Lyrics in Vocal Music, Ivana Mullner

Analyzing Urban Forest Impacts on Residential Property Values, Boise, ID, Mary Patterson and Amy Cutter


Is Habitat Use by Greater Sage-Grouse Proportional to Availability of Plant Morphotypes?, Jacqueline Peña, Marcella Fremgen, John C. Connelly, and Jennifer Forbey

Distribution of Genotypes Within and among Taeniatherum Caput-medusae (Poaceae) Populations from Eastern Washington: Assessment of an Invasion at a Local Scale, Carly Prior

In Silico Screening Yields Novel Methylthioadenosine Nucleosidase Inhibitors and a Fast Track to New Anti-Parasitic Therapies, Jake Schaefer and Lauren Hosek

Determining Redox Constants of Aqueous Uranium to Help Develop a Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Israel Shebley

Soil Ph Analysis in the Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed, Zach Shephard, Ryan Will, Chris Stanbery, Shawn Benner, Kerrie Weppner, and Jennifer Pierce


Authentication Protocols Based on Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Michael Smith, Brandon Barker, and Liljana Babinkostova

Sexual Violence in India: The History of Indian Women’s Resistance, Renae Sullivan


Habitat Features Predict the Distribution of Recreational Shooters in the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, Emily R. Sun, Benjamin P. Pauli, Zoe Tinkle, Romaric Mukuna, Daniel Wolfe, Jennifer S. Forbey, and Julie Heath


Zircon Chemistry in a Gabbro Pluton at House Mountain, Idaho, Danielle Terhaar and Mark Schmitz

The Influence of Source Material in Peter Comestor’s Historia Scholastica. Fall 2014., Chris Tripp, Mark Irving, Mallory McGowen, and Samantha Schwasinger

Drought Effects on Colonization of Artemisia Tridentata Seedlings by Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi, J. Velasco, C. Prior, and M. Serpe

Non-Polar Electrical Field Flow Fractionation (Np-EFFF), Samantha Walker

Lithologic Controls on Soil Bulk Density in the Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed, Sierra Wallace, Mady Cook, Erin Stutzman, Chris Stanbery, Ryan Will, and Kerrie Weppner

The Relationship Between Texas Real Estate Prices & Air Quality, Andrew Williams, Breanna Perrone, Mark Coyne, and Nolan Pollock


Does Personality Affect the Probability That Piute Ground Squrriels (Urocitellus Mollis) Will Be Shot by Recreational Hunters?, Daniel Wolfe, Zoe Tinkle, Benjamin P. Pauli, Emily Sun, Romaric Mukuna, Jennifer S. Forbey, and Julie Heath

Intramolecular Oxazolium Salt/Azomethine Ylide Cycloaddition Reactions with Varying Dipolarophile Tether Position, Samuel Wolfe