Submissions from 2014

Switchgrass Root Decomposition Impacts on Soil Carbon Sequestration, Jaron Adkins and Aislinn Johns


Worlds of Gods and Goddesses - SATURN, Alexandra Aldecoa


The Security of Simplified Data Encryption Standard, Brandon Barker

Evaluation of a Convergent Approach to Aziridinomitosenes, Pete Barnes

Obliterated Serial Number Recovery on Materials with Laser Imprinting in the Absence of Plastic Deformity, Kody Bensinger

Simultaneous Electrochemical Deposition for Fabrication of Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys, India Byars


Bose-Einstein Condensation in a Double-Well System, Jesus Caloca


Voltage Gating Interactions of the Protein Lysenin with Metal Ions in an Artificial Lipid Bilayer, Tyler Clark, Sheenah Bryant, Steve Rossland, Eric Krueger, Charles Hanna, and Daniel Fologea

Improved Forensic Analysis of Prints in Blood, Shad Corbin


Worlds of Gods and Goddesses - MERCURY, Paige Coyle


A Simplified AES with Field Characteristic 7, Suzanne Craig

Extraction Optimization of Bioactive Alkaloids from Veratrum californicum, Roberto Cruz Romero, Roberto Cruz, and Jared Mattos

Developing a Tree-Ring Chronology for Reconstructing Little Ice Ace Climate, Lower Colorado Plateau, UT, Amy Cutter

Characterization of Basement Membrane Induced Endothelial Cell Quiescence in the Presence of Growth factors, Peter DeFord

The Influence of Integrin Binding RGD Domains on Notch Signaling and Angiogenesis, Peter DeFord and Katherine Westover

HSP III: "Comestor's Hester", Molley Felte, Alisha Barrera, Joe Green, Amanda Smith, and Margaret Wadley


#Egypt: Exploring Social Media as Association and Participatory Reporting, Emily Fisk


Worlds of Gods and Goddesses - VENUS, Kellie Fox

Effect of Zn Doping on the Material Properties of SnO2 Nanocrystals, Nevil Franco and K. M. Reddy

Purification of Acyl Carrier Protein, Jessie Gibson, Aubrey Johnson, Nicole Frane, and Angie Richard


Diego Velázquez and King Philip IV of Spain: A Shared Love for the Arts, Kristina Gray

Optimization of Copper-Catalyzed Protein Labeling in Biological Systems, Christian Guerrero

Understanding the Active Carbon Budget: A Study of Soil Inorganic Carbon in Southwestern Idaho, James Guilinger, Cody Black, and Dawn Jarrels

Permutation Sorting Games, Catherine Henry

Single Biomolecule Interaction Measurements Using a COIFM with an Optical Fiber Probe., Steven Heydendahl, Byung Kim, and Ryan Boehm


Comparing and Informing Morphological Species Identifications and Boundaries in Arthropod Gut-dwelling Protists Using Molecular Phylogenetic Analyses, Mason Hinchcliff, Nicole Reynolds, Eric Tretter, Dustin Heeney, Justin Gause, Tyler Pickell, and Prasanna Kandel

Foraging Behavior in Pogonomyrmex salinus When Colonies Overlap in Their Ranges, Brett Howell

A Role for COL11A1 in the Orientation of the Cell Division Axis in Growth Plate Cartilage, Alexandria Hughes


Effects of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles on Carrot Roots and Arbuscular Mycorrhizae, Brian Husler

Precipitation Impacts on Root Morphology and Decomposition Processes in the Sagebrush, Aislinn Johns


Developing Perceived Writerly Self-Efficacy: A Proposed Study of Expressive and Poetic Discourse in the Writing Center, Allison King

Anticancer Efficacy of Essential Oils Clove and Cinnamon, Joelene Kronz


Environmental Impact Assessment of the Missouri Mine, Christian Laursen and Waco Holve-Burk

The Hot Hand in Number Matching Lottery Games, Mintaek Lee


Situationism, Honesty, and the Folk, Drew Lindgren, Jared Talley, Travis Bundy, Lauren Stevens, Kim Hayes, Kyle Brasil, Sara Couture, and Amanda Lynch

Isolation and Characterization of an Interstrand Cross-Link Adduct Between Aziridinomitosenes and DNA, Chloe Lombard


Expediting Drug Discovery: Fast and Accurate Prediction of Coupling Constants for Nitrogen Heterocycles, Petr Malek


Does Wildfire and Cheatgrass Invasion in a Sage-steppe Ecosystem Change Soil Texture?, Maeve McCormick, Xavier Gagne, and Jennifer Pierce


Barn Owl Sex Determination, Lillian McKinley


Molecular Modification of CNT Junctions, Kari McLaughlin*, Hanna Meinikheim*, and Angela "Nikki" Chang

Selection Principles in Metalogic, Kent Mussell

Starvation Fools the Standard Cancer Cell Assay (MTT), Chase Neumann

Distribution of Genotypes Within and Among Taeniatherum caput-medusae (Poaceae) Populations From Eastern Washington: Investigation of the Invasion Process at a Local Scale, Carly Prior

Water Uncertainty and Institutional Constraints Affecting Agricultural Water Use Decisions in the Eastern Snake River Plain, Sarah Dallas Pullen

Forensic Application of Raman Spectroscopy to the Analysis of Intersecting Lines in Questioned Documents, Chris Radford

Le meurtre du Samedi-Gloria de Raphaël Confiant: Un aperçu de la Martinique et les racines du racisme qui la divise / Le meurtre du Samedi-Gloria by Raphaël Confiant: A Glimpse Into the Island of Martinique and the Roots of Racism Which Divides It, Chase Ricker


Collagen XIα1 and the Stem Cell Theory of Cancer, Cody Roell, Kenneth Weekes, and Julia Oxford

Characterization and Comparison of the Infrasonic Signals of Santiaguito and Fuego Volcanoes in Guatemala, Timothy Ronan


Tshiluba Language Structures, Vanessa Rosenbaum, Kelli Billings, Janessa Gohn, Libby Holcomb, Jessica Lahey, Jessica Milanez, Kelly Nuttall, Tyler Scoggins, Kristen Smith, Stephanie Todd, Jake Young, Albert Romain Bantumbakulu Mukuna, and Daniel Miko-Mikyene

Oxidation and Reduction of Aquas Uranuim, Israel Shebley

12th Century Gender Roles in Comestor’s Hester, Amanda Smith


Experimental Philosophy--An Emerging Discipline, Lauren Stevens, Kyle Brasil, Travis Bundy, Sara Couture, Kim Hayes, Drew Lindgren, Amanda Lynch, Jared Talley, Patrick Beach, Stephen Crowley, and Kimberly McAdams

Benzisothiazole: A Novel Class of Carbonyl Reductase Inhibitors, Billal Sultani


The Truth About Honesty: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Trait of Honesty, Jared Talley, Lauren Stevens, Drew Lindgren, Sara Couture, Amanda Lynch, Kyle Brasil, Trevor Adams, and Kim Hayes

Non-Polar Electrical Field Flow Fractionation, Katherine Thornock

The Melville-Hawthorne Friendship and its Impact on Moby-Dick, Connie Townley

Edwards Curves and Their Applications, William Unger

Non-Polar Electric Field Flow Fractionation, Chris Vanderhoff


Worlds of Gods and Goddesses - URANUS, Cory Varland

The Relationship Between Flow Facies and Topographic Obstacles in the Zuni-Bandera Lava Field, New Mexico, Hester von Meerscheidt, Brittany Brand, Joshua Bandfield, Jacob Bleacher, Christopher W. Hamilton, and Andrew de Wet

Vers l’est : la perte et l’espoir comme forces dirigeantes dans Le bleu de l’île d’Evelyne Trouillot / Eastward: Loss and Hope as Driving Forces in Evelyne Trouillot’s Le bleu de l’île, Benjamin Weigel

Genetic Diversity in Native Populations of Taeniatherum Caput-Medusae Subspecies Asperum and Subspecies Crinitum (Medusahead): Identifying the Source Populations of an Invasion, Alyssa Wepplo, Shane Skaar, and René Sforza

24-Hour Glucose Deprivation Kills Certain Cancer Cell Lines, Katie Whalen


Temporal and Spatial Variation of Nitrogen in Wyoming Big Sagebrush, Stephanie Williams, Jordan Nobler, Kristina Gehlken, Janet Rachlow, and Lisa Shipley

A Matter of Principle: The Influence of America’s Declaration of Independence on Post-Declaration Literature, Kenneth Winkleman

Why I study Chinese, Jake Wolford