Rosas Tímidas

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Student Presentation

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Marla Hansen


“Rosas Tímidas” is a piece inspired by the trials and changes in character I have faced as an undergraduate student here at Boise State. This dance style of contemporary ballet, with Spanish style emphasis, is influenced by my growth as a student and person. The piece represents three timid girls who are apprehensive about their surroundings and the interactions with one another. As time and movement progress, their dancing corresponds to them overcoming the obstacle of fear and are then portrayed as beautiful and outgoing women. As a Junior, I believe that I have gone through the process of overcoming my shyness and I now feel more outgoing and confident. I have challenged myself as a choreographer to stretch my limits with incorporating a Spanish twist into the choreography based on the romantic Spanish Guitar in the music and setting a storyline that is very personal based on my emotions. The title of the piece is called “Rosas Tímidas”. The music is “Ain’t No Sunshine” (Bill Withers-Instrumental) by Michael Marc. The piece is 5:00 minutes long and includes three dancers; Rachel Chovanak, Leslie Davis, and Lara Haller, who are also in the undergraduate program at Boise State. I look forward to be given this opportunity to show my work.

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