Type of Culminating Activity

Graduate Student Project

Graduation Date


Degree Title

Master of Arts in Art Education



Major Advisor

Kathleen Keys


The purpose of this M.A. Art Education project is to provide Idaho’s arts educators with both a comprehensive arts education advocacy handbook and access to a professionally designed arts education advocacy marketing campaign. Global, national, and local arts advocacy research serve as a foundation for this project. This project has three major components: an arts advocacy handbook, materials for an Idaho-specific arts advocacy marketing campaign, and a social media page. The handbook, “Informed. Active. Connected. Arts Educators Advocating For The Arts in Idaho,” aims to better prepare Idaho’s arts educators to be effective, knowledgeable, and informed advocates for the arts with a consistent marketing message and theme.

Major objectives for this project include: accessibility of the handbook and its materials, ease of use, consistent design, and shareability of information. A key component in addressing these intentions is how the handbook will be distributed and accessed. In an effort to maximize viral use and distribution of the arts advocacy handbook, a Facebook Fan Page has been created and serves as a hub for this project. The Facebook Fan Page, “Idaho Arts Advocacy,” will provide Idaho’s arts advocates with an open platform to communicate and connect.

The handbook designed as a result of this project consists of the following information and materials:

  • Introduction: Why An Arts Advocacy Handbook?, Who Is This Handbook For?, How Do You Use This Handbook?, Recent Research In Arts Education, Marketing And Advocacy Defined
  • State of Education in Idaho
  • State of Arts Education in Idaho: Arts Educators vs. Parent Volunteers, Idaho Arts Education Resources, Additional Idaho Resources and Facts, Arts Education Recommendations from NAEA
  • Marketing Plan: Explanation of Design, Posters, Flyers, E-blast, Small Images, Facebook, Additional Ideas, Graphic Design Tips, Marketing Tips
  • Closing: Idaho’s Arts Educators Are Advocates, Resources


A Facebook Fan Page has been created and serves as a hub for this project. It can be found at: http://www.facebook.com/IdahoArtsAdvocacy

Included in

Art Education Commons