Nepantlera Pedagogy: An Axiological Posture for Preparing Critically Conscious Teachers in the Borderlands

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Latinos in U.S.–Mexican borderlands encounter language barriers and clashing cultures. If this decade is to become one of transformation, it must grapple with the uncomfortable realities of Latino students and other minorities of color. This article delineates the theoretical perspectives of the Nepantlera pedagogy, a pedagogy with an emphasis on social justice and human dignity. Paulo Freire’s (2000) conscientization, Gloria Anzaldúa’s (1999, 2002) path of conocimientos and con- cept of Nepantla, and Mikhail Bakhtin’s (1981) concepts of dialogism and ideological becoming frame this pedagogical pathway through praxis, identity formation, border epistemologies, language diversity, dialogue, and critical education.