2024 Undergraduate Research Showcase

Microbial Supplements for Dairy Cows to Reduce Enteric Methane Emissions

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Jared L. Talley


This project uses the biotechnology of rumen-native Microbial Feed Supplements (M.F.S.) to decrease enteric methane emissions (E.M.E.) and analyze the use of this Climate Safe Agriculture (C.S.A.) tool. We aim to look at the impacts of usage on an environmental, economic, and social level. Dairy cattle contribute significantly to the amount of methane released into the atmosphere and current tactics to work on the effects are not long-term nor cost efficient solutions. This climate-smart solution aims to mitigate E.M.E. and develop an understanding for dairy industries and how they operate. This M.F.S. will be implemented and analyzed to determine its successes and side effects. Our role is to identify the social barriers and perceptions surrounding M.F.S. implementation and how to improve feasibility of its usage in the Pacific Northwest. With incentives for the dairymen, we will use data collection, interviews, surveys and more to determine the success of this practice, with the expectation to lead to a more environmentally and financially sustainable dairy agriculture.

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