2024 Undergraduate Research Showcase

The Better Me

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Student Presentation

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Astri Snodgrass


My intention as an artist is to further the idea of the safe space that art is for the examination of oneself that may not be able to be discovered in public conversation. I, Katelyn Stedtfeld, firmly believe that art is an outlet to express yourself when you may not be able to verbally. Encounters with my OCD, Grief, self-image, etc. are all topics I explore as a practicing artist. Working with these inspirations I generated a creative project consisting of three new oil paintings, each singularly focused on one of the previous topics: living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Grief, and my perception of myself. Combining these new works with previous ones I created a collection of my work composed into a show titled ‘The Better Me”. I plan to exhibit these pieces as a self-produced exhibition in the fourth-floor critique space at the Boise State Center for the Visual Arts the week following the poster showcase. This project is an invitation to the viewer to investigate how I process pieces of my life, both mental and physical, as summarized through my artwork. Or, for the viewer to consider how they might choose to discuss their personal experiences through art.

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