2024 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Dr. Sondra Miller


Nuclear energy and technology have seen tremendous improvements in recent years by allowing more relaxed regulations on nuclear energy. The purpose of this research is to explore different nuclear technologies, policies, and waste management practices and how they differ between China and the United States. By seeing these differences, conclusions can be drawn about the relationship between government policy and nuclear energy advancement. Methods used for this research are from secondary sources such as scientific articles and primary sources in government institutions regarding nuclear energy and waste management policies, as well as new and developing technologies in both the United States and China. Specifically, key differences in nuclear energy and waste management policies between the United States and China highlight their distinct approaches that guide their actions. However, both countries have drawbacks to their varying strategies to address issues such as long term waste management. Furthermore, despite the numerous advancements made towards the implementation of cleaner energy sources like nuclear energy in the US and China, there are still many barriers to prevent fast improvements.


Additional CAES Scholars Instructor: Lindsey Wiggins

This research was funded by the National Science Foundation, Award Number: 2221665