2024 Undergraduate Research Showcase

The Potential of Plant-based Alternatives: Market Research of Consumer Attitudes Towards Meat Substitutes

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Shikhar Sarin


Recent research shows that the production and consumption of meat have a significant environmental impact - accounting for up to one-third of the total greenhouse effect. Reducing the consumption of meat and replacing it with more sustainable alternative meat products (e.g., Beyond meats, Impossible meats) even to a small degree can have significant positive environmental impact. Our study investigates consumer’s perceptions related to the consumption of meat and meat alternatives products. We collected survey data from 307 consumers, largely comprised of 18-23 year old females, exploring their structural, emotional, and humanitarian connections to meat and meat alternatives. Among other things, our results suggest that ethical treatment of animals and animal welfare are among the stronger drivers and could serve as a motivation for changing meat consumption patterns for this demographic group.

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