2024 Undergraduate Research Showcase

Unveiling the Impact of Militaristic Culture: Challenges in Veteran Reintegration

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Student Presentation

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Dr. April Masarik


Veteran neglect is an ongoing issue that has a tremendous effect on their reintegration into civilian society. This project explores the effect of the psychosocial construct of militaristic culture on military personnel and their transition. Specifically, I seek to understand the main challenges Veterans face in reintegrating into civilian society and the role that the VA and other social institutions play in facilitating or hindering this process. Preliminary methods include qualitative and quantitative data collection with Veterans to understand their experiences transitioning from military to civilian society. I hypothesize that participants will feel lost and dismissed and will not seek help independently. These experiences are most likely due to a disconnect between the discharge process (while still in the service) and the transition into VA care. This research can offer valuable insights to help direct changes in discharge policy and procedures.

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