2024 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Vinita Sharma


Use of technology has become integral to the lives of adolescents, especially in developed settings. The quality and quantity of screen time can significantly impact the daily experiences of adolescents, particularly concerning their mental well-being. The escalating rate of adolescent suicide in the United States presents a pressing public health challenge. Although there is early anecdotal evidence, the correlation between screen time and suicide, specifically ideation and attempts, remains underexplored. This study endeavors to investigate the relationship between technology use and suicide, focusing on ideation and attempts among adolescents. Conducting a systematic literature review, we are selectively incorporating peer-reviewed journal articles published in English from sources such as PubMed and Web of Science. Our analysis is currently ongoing. By delving into the connection between screen time and suicide, we aim to inform the development of targeted suicide prevention interventions for adolescents, potentially saving lives.


This study gratefully acknowledges funding from the TRIO McNair Undergraduate Research Scholars Program Fellowship.