2024 Undergraduate Research Showcase

An Analysis of the Internal and External Factors of Reproductive Decisions

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Kristin Snopkowski


This research project examines the factors that influence people’s reproductive decisions, an important area of research if we seek to understand changing fertility rates around the world. We seek to compare internal factors (such as upbringing, religion) and external factors (such as climate change, politics, and stigma) to determine how these different factors affect people’s desires for children. For instance, one goal for this project includes determining where perceived stigma stems from (family, religious or other affiliated communities, employer(s), etc.,) and what stigmatizing judgements or treatments may impact a person’s reproductive decisions and aspirations. Through an on-line survey of young adults, we will examine how people perceive these different factors affecting their desire for future children. A primary objective for the data collection and analysis of findings is to gain a better understanding of the influence stigma, unhealthy relationships, climate change, and politics have on individuals, their reproductive decision-making, and to uncover additional research opportunities.

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