2023 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Therapist Evaluation vs. Self-Perception: Which Is a Better Predictor for the Success of Romantic Interpersonal Relationship?

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Vinita Sharma


Therapists observe that some victims of relationship violence idealize their abusive partners and voluntarily stay in unhealthy relationships. These victims may be manipulated into admiring their abuser, unaware of red flags, have battered person syndrome, have a trauma bond, or believe that toxicity is normal because they never experienced a healthy relationship. Meanwhile, some couples may perceive their relationship as unhealthy but be considered healthy by couples therapists, marriage counselors, questionnaires, or other external assessments. Will romantic interpersonal relationships last longer if they are actually healthy, or perceived to be healthy by romantic partners? This hypothetical study aims to illustrate the association between self-perception, therapist assessment, and relationship success. The study will follow a longitudinal, mixed-methods design. Future studies should assess trends within couples who have similar perceptions of their relationship health, and similar metaperceptions of each other as quality romantic partners.

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