2023 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Habitat Conservation and Restoration at the Diane Moore Idaho Bird Observatory

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Student Presentation

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Gregory Kaltenecker


No research was conducted during this internship. We instead practiced many different restoration and conservation efforts at the Diane Moore nature site and accomplished the following:

  • Wrapped trees as beaver prevention
  • Collected trash on the site
  • Spread seeds: Hoary Tansyaster, Curly Cup Gumweed, Showy Milkweed, Rocky Mountain Bee Plant, Blanket Flower
  • Collected Willow, Cottonwood, and Elderberry cuttings, propagated and planted them
  • Planted native plants: Goldenrod, Lewis Flax, Rabbitbrush, Sagebrush, Penstemon, Sand Dropseed, Great Basin Wildrye, Golden Currant, Yarrow
  • Decommissioned social trails
  • Coordinated and supervised community volunteers
  • Developed and created a new hiking trail
  • Set up plant preservation exclosures
  • Installed game cameras to monitor wildlife

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