2023 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Is Shielding Effective and Which Type of Shield Would Be the Most Effective at Protecting a Pregnant Woman's Abdomen from Radiation?

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Natalie Mourant


The role that *lead shielding plays in medical imaging is a controversial subject; but, not when it comes to shielding pregnant females. Shielding is the practice of putting a form of lead in front of a sensitive area of the body to protect it from radiation. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of shielding in medical imaging practices on pregnant women. A series of images were taken measuring the *exit dose, and the amount of radiation leaving the body, using different types of shields which can be directly applied to the pregnant population. Sixty images were obtained during this study: fifteen for the four types of shielding. Although in medical imaging, irradiating a pregnant woman is not a common practice due to the effects it can have on the fetus. This study found that of the shielding types, a roller shield yields the highest effectiveness in preventing unnecessary radiation to a pregnant woman and fetus. A roller shield is a shield that leaves little room between the patient and the lead, that is positioned directly in front or behind the patient.

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