2023 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Shelly Volsche


Vocalizations in animals are an expression of an internal state. In canines specifically, they produce what is called a play pant. A play pant is defined as a "forced, breathy exhalation", and happens as a by-product of exertion. This is observed when dogs are playing, and can function similar to human laughter. It signals that pleasure is being received and for the play to be continued. For our research, we video and audio record a human-dog pair while playing. We then analyze the audio recording in RavenLite through a spectrogram and waveform, using specific parameters. This research branched from previous research done by Simonet et al. to confirm her work. We hope to continue this research and find more influences of these vocalizations such as dogs' life histories and evolution.