2023 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Climate Justice Challenges as the Outcome of Multidimensional Stressors of Refugee Populations: Insights from Rohingya

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Saleh Ahmed


The Rohingya are an ethnic minority from the Rakhine state of Myanmar, where they faced heavy discrimination and persecution from the Myanmar government. In 2017, the Tatmadaw, Myanmar’s Army, started a violent and abusive campaign against the Rohingya which has since been considered a genocide. As of 2022, an estimated 1.1 million Rohingya have fled violence in Myanmar and now reside in congested camps in Bangladesh. This has created a crisis which is only exacerbated by the growing threat of climate change. Climate justice centers on marginalized communities who have heightened vulnerability to the adverse impacts of climate change due to the inequities they have suffered. Through a better understanding of the Rohingya's multidimensional stressors, better mitigation and resiliency strategies can be created to help remedy the injustices this community has faced and prevent further injustices from occurring.

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