2023 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Children in Poverty Facing Inadequate Nutrition

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Student Presentation

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Jason Blomquist and Dr. Renee Walters


In the U.S., poverty contributes to various factors that result in inadequate nutrition in children. Childhood malnutrition is a significant problem that must be addressed as it leads to many adverse outcomes. There is an increased risk of morbidity and mortality. This includes chronic diseases, hindered physical growth and development, cognitive delay, and poor performance in school. Childhood malnutrition is prevalent in Idaho, especially among rural communities. According to Feeding America, 1 in 10 Idahoan children face hunger. The purpose of this project is to implement a screening process to identify Idahoan children who are at risk for inadequate nutrition and provide resources to help combat food insecurity. The screening tool is influenced by continued research, education, and advocacy to achieve a future where all children have access to adequate nutrition and the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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