2023 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Encouraging SNAP and WIC Participation

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Renee Walters


Food insecurity is a widespread issue across the state of Idaho, affecting over 100,000 people in different counties throughout the state. Food insecurity poses major health risks, as it is linked to multiple conditions such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, etc. As such, we hope to address food insecurity in Idaho by using our proposed interventions of: increased food insecurity screenings, as well as promoting SNAP and WIC participation. SNAP and WIC are two valuable government assistance programs that help to reduce food insecurity and support the health of families in our community. Unfortunately, people that need these programs may not be accessing them due to a lack of knowledge regarding their eligibility and the application process. We recommend utilizing the Hunger Vital Signs Screening in routine clinical visits and hospital settings, then giving them the resources and referral information to participate in SNAP and WIC. We will evaluate these interventions through rescreening interviews and Department of Health and Welfare SNAP and WIC registration and participation numbers.

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