2023 Undergraduate Research Showcase


The Framework of Making Connections: Theories of How to Develop and Maintain Relationships

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Christina Ivey


Relationships are all around from those who birth their babies to the random person that just got bumped into outside of a coffee shop. There are several theories such as Identity Management Theory (IMT) and Relational Turbulence (RT) that focus on how one adapts to certain situations in order to create, initiate, or develop a relationship. For the purposes of this essay the word “relationship” refers to a specific instance, type of kinship, or state of being interrelated with another person(s) for any amount of time or closeness (Merriam-Webster, 2021). After the development of a relationship it is also just as, if not even more, important to maintain that relationship. Relationships are maintained through how one deals with Self-Expansion (ST) and Equity Theory (ET). It is impractical to deny or ignore how relationships influence the way one lives as it affects social, political, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and even more aspects of one’s life. In this essay I will explore these theories along with their history, practical uses, and several philosophies behind the framework of developing and maintaining relationships of any type.

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