2022 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Greenbelt Urban and Ecological Sound Dataset

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Jacob Anderson


The impact of anthropomorphic-generated sounds is highly influential on local ecology and people. Studies have shown that traffic/travel based sounds can influence sound propagation which impacts nearby ecology, such as birds, in how they navigate and survive. Human health has also been found to be impacted by similar sounds. In this study, along the North-Side of the Boise Greenbelt that stretches from Idaho Fish and Game to the Boise River White-Water Park, it was found that traffic-based sounds play a significant role in limiting the presence of local ecology, especially near to bridges. Areas with high sound ‘saturation’, excluding the defined miscellaneous sounds, also saw little to no recreation presence which suggests a natural avoidance of these areas by people. These findings suggest that anthropomorphic-generated sounds, such as traffic, are potentially pervasive to wildlife health/habitat, individual health, and the overall Greenbelt experience.

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