2022 Undergraduate Research Showcase


The Larynx: Vocal Fatigue Association and the False Notions of Healthy Practices

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Michael Porter


The larynx, a vital organ that acts as a communication tool, is unconsciously used every day by everyone. In addition to creating the ability of speech, the job of the larynx serves as an extension to help regulate the function of a human’s respiratory system. The majority of the population lacks information on sustaining and practicing healthy habits to take care of their instrument. The misuse of the instrument results in vocal fatigue. Vocal fatigue is uncategorized as a serious illness; however, studies show that continuous abuse of the instrument has irreversible negative effects that start emerging as the human further matures. This includes losing the ability to speak, discomfort on the larynx, and inflamed vocal cords. In addition to these causes, false misconceptions about practicing healthy habits to protect the larynx are entangled with vital, true, and safe exercises. Within the profession of singing, many performers convinced themselves that eating specific foods and drinking beverages such as dairy products poorly affects their larynx. No proof was found by the scientific community indicating lactose products. It has no contribution to the performance of a performer. It does not alter the production of mucus in the larynx. Hydration, rest, and vocal exercises are some ways to keep the larynx in a pristine state. The mass population must ask their physicians and do further research to maintain their larynx healthy. Such actions will diminish the possibility of contracting vocal fatigue and help avoid false notions of healthy habits.

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