2022 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Fabrication of MEMS in Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Jim Browning


Nano scale vacuum channel transistors (NVCTs) demonstrate the possibility of high-power density and operation in harsh environments. However, characterization studies on present state-of-the-art devices, under high temperature conditions are not complete. High temperature characterization studies require test setup and test jigs which can withstand high temperature itself. In this work, test jig for planar vacuum channel transistor was developed using Low Temperature -Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC). In-housed developed fabrication method was used to fabricate the test jig. Silver paste was used for the connection pads. Connector pins were fixed using vacuum compatible epoxy, which were connected to the test pads through traces fabricated using silver paste. Test chips containing several numbers of planar field emitters were mounted on the test jig and presently under test.

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