2022 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Sprawl in the Treasure Valley and Infill as a Solution

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Michail Fragkias


Over the course of a few years, the city of Boise has grown tremendously and many new jobs have been created due to its growth. However, Boise’s land use has stayed consistent and just now proposing a zoning rewrite, which is a larger issue of sprawl and density. My research objective is to examine Idaho’s zoning rewrite in a growing economy specifically to three factors of the economy, the environment and the social aspect. The shortage of affordable land that can be developed is becoming limited. I am going to look into how this is affecting the stakeholders which include the residents, the city of Boise and developers and what policies can be in place to resolve the issue of sprawl. I am going to gather information from government sites, the census bureau, research articles, etc. about infill and the correlation to sprawl by looking at other cities and how they were able to deal with the issue. I am also going to highlight the impacts of infill and how community members feel about the possible solution. I will be using module two of the zoning rewrite ordinance and the meeting that I attended to base off what is proposed and what could possibly be introduced. Highlighting how we can move in the future in a sustainable way.

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