2022 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Idaho Insulin Cap to Manage Type II Diabetes

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Student Presentation

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Jason Blomquist and Dr. Renee Walters


Type II Diabetes is a prevalent, chronic disease which has great costs on both the individuals managing this disease and the greater healthcare system. With insulin prices continuing to increase, people are unable to afford their insulin coverage to manage their Type II Diabetes. This leads to more serious diabetes complications which require longer and more frequent hospital stays, ultimately resulting in poor health outcomes. The state of Idaho currently has no legislation for a price cap on insulin which results in costly monthly out of pocket costs for uninsured patients with Type II Diabetes. We are proposing a monthly, $30.00 out of pocket insulin cost to all patients regardless of insurance company or status. To implement this, an insulin affordability program will be implemented and a law will be passed stating co-payments and patient costs of insulin will not exceed more than $30.00 for a thirty day supply. This will provide greater access to care for all patients, support for lower income individuals who struggle to afford insulin supplies, and help provide education to increase greater health outcomes. Adverse social determinants of health should not impact a patient’s ability to detect, prevent, treat, or manage their disease.

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