2022 Undergraduate Research Showcase


An Analysis of South Africa Social Capital

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Michail Fragkias


South Africa has the highest Gini index in the world at 63 due to the Apartheid that was put in place in 1948 to promote economic well-being of the white minority in the country. The Apartheid system was rectified in 1994 but the social well-being of South Africa still lingers in their economy today. The people of South Africa continue to live with these effects through inequality, education, and poverty. The inequality, lack of education, and the high levels of poverty have an impact on the environment, social well-being, and the economy of South Africa. Coal mines in South Africa, in use or abandoned, produce toxins that seep into water supplies such as groundwater. These kinds of environmental stresses impact poverty-stricken communities more than their affluent counterparts. After we conduct our research we will give policy recommendations to ensure a better social-well being for the people of South Africa.

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