2022 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Does the Implementation of In-School Interventions Decrease Depression in School-Aged Children?

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Student Presentation

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Jason Blomquist


In our research, we found that depression among school aged children is becoming a serious problem in not only our country, but the state of Idaho as well. In the US, 11.2 deaths by suicide per 100,000 adolescents aged 15-19 has occurred (United Health Foundation, 2022). Social determinants of health have also been found to have an impact on an adolescents chance of developing depression. These social determinants include social, economic, food, and education. Throughout our research into these social determinants, we collaborated to find interventions aimed at addressing these determinants. Our proposal is to introduce education based programs that assesses students for depression when the onset of symptoms is most common; provide holistic interventions for students that are deemed at risk these include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy counseling, family counseling, and assessment of environmental factors; and propose this idea to the Idaho State Board of Education. We anticipate that these interventions will decrease the amount of suicide attempts of adolescents in our community as well as decrease the prevalence of depression. We also believe that these interventions will be able to teach students techniques and skills that can help them cope with struggles as well as form and keep relationships in order to expand their social support system.

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