2022 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Naomi Foxall and Andy Hyer



This pilot study aims to see if there is a relationship between lack of sleep and mental health in adult college students. To see if there is a relationship between poor sleeping habits and stress.


This study was conducted using an anonymous online survey with a randomized convenience sample of students at Boise State University in the Fall of 2021. In total 39 students responded to the survey that was created in Qualtrics, the data was than analyzed in Qualtrics.


Respondents that slept less than seven hours a night on average felt tired more often than those who received at least seven hours of sleep on average each night. This pilot survey also suggests that working full time while in school is related to not receiving enough sleep on average. The data suggests that less than seven hours of sleep had a relationship with perceived stress levels.


In conclusion this pilot study indicates that there is a relationship between lack of sleep and stress as well as working while going to school seems to also influence sleep and stress levels. Therefore, it seems that getting at least seven hours of sleep each night has a positive effect on mental health in this pilot study and further research in this area is suggested.



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