2022 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Attitudes of Undergraduate Students Regarding Online Classes and In-Person Classes

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Student Presentation

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Andy Hyer



The objective of this study is to analyze the responses of undergraduate students regarding their attitudes towards online classes in comparison to in-person classes.


This study was distributed to 51 students at Boise State University who were enrolled in a section of HLTH 382; students responded to a series of questions in an online survey with the incentive of receiving credit for participating.


When faced with questions regarding attitudes towards online classes, respondents seemed to respond in a negative way towards online classes. Overall, respondents had slight levels of disagreement that they learn as much in online classes as in face-to-face classes (M = 2.33; SD = 1.13) and that they prefer online classes to in-person classes (M = 2.82; SD = 1.23). There was a slightly higher level of agreement that respondents felt online learning negatively impacts their learning (M = 2.96; SD = 1.19).


Results from the survey indicate that many respondents have negative attitudes regarding online classes. However, upon examination of bivariate analysis there are instances that online classes are preferable to in-person. Additional research should include examining the difference in attitudes towards online classes across other majors.

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