2022 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Ray Fang


This research was procured by Adult & Teen Challenge management and administration. The data collected and displayed within this poster portrays the advantageous perquisites of this particular programming curriculum within the lives of ATC graduates. Having surveyed 340 sample participants, all of whom are graduates of ATC, the information in this exhibit connotates that 78% of respondents are sober and substance abuse free after completing the 15-month program. While much of this data alludes favorable rates of sobriety to graduates of ATC, it is those who resided at an Adult & Teen Challenge campus after graduating that were evidently less likely to use the legal amounts of alcohol and doses of marijuana than graduates who did not remain at the campus. Additionally, on average ATC graduates self-disclose their ongoing pursuit of Christian practices such as praying, reading the Bible, and attending church on a weekly basis. All the same, those who remained sober reported an increased engagement in spiritual practices, experienced a more prominent relationship with God, higher levels of self-respect and appropriate consideration of others. Comprehensively, those surveyed proclaimed an increase in overall health following their graduation from an ATC program. In conclusion, the data shown in this poster indicates stupendously high level of success derives from the ATC program.