2022 Undergraduate Research Showcase


The Importance of Community for a Study Examining Pesticide Exposure and Risk Perceptions Among Latinx Farmworkers

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Cynthia Curl, Dr. Rebecca Som Castellano, and Dr. Lisa Meierotto


Latinx farmworkers make up over 80% of the United States farmworkers, and research has shown they have high levels of exposure to pesticides. Studies have also shown females are at risk for higher levels of pesticide exposure. The purpose of the overall study is to examine pesticide exposure and risk perceptions among male and female Latinx farmworkers. Here, I describe the importance of community when working with structurally marginalized populations like Latinx farmworkers. The purpose of presenting this component is to give researchers an understanding of why creating trust and getting the respect of the communities that are being researched is so important. In addition, this will give researchers ideas as to how their research project can be more collaborative and include the community that is participating in the study. In this case, we have forged partnerships with multiple trusted community partners and organizations in order to recruit study participants, address potential power dynamics inherent in many research studies, and ensure this research provides a benefit to participants. Following the conclusion of the study, we will partner with Boise State’s Project SCIENTIA to create multi-media science communication products to translate the study findings and recommendations to participants and groups supporting farmworkers.

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