2022 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Debra Purdy


Plain language is writing that is clear, concise, and audience focused. Plain language concepts help readers find their needed information quickly and allow them to understand it the first time they read it. Because technical communication shares many of the same goals of plain language, it is imperative that early coursework in technical communication and writing incorporate these concepts; however, this is often not the case. The goal of this project is to integrate plain language into the coursework of Technical Rhetoric & Genres, an English course for both technical communication students and outside majors alike. Through intensive research, material creation, and discussion-based class activities, I seek to form the connection between plain language and technical communications and emphasize the importance of utilizing these concepts to write the most accessible and clear work possible. Doing so reveals that students across all disciplines benefit from these lessons and are able to create connections to their coursework within the class, as well as understand the interdisciplinary application of plain language across all genres and contexts as they move into future coursework and professional writing environments.



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