2021 Undergraduate Research Showcase


Ratios of Expression of Notch Intracellular Domain Protein Interaction within Notch Signaling Pathway

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Allan Albig


Cell signaling is a complicated field of study, which when gone wrong results in many of the health issues that we address as humans1. During the Notch cell signaling pathway, four types of “Notch” proteins labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4 have been shown to interact with each other and themselves, but of the four only Notch 1 has been researched in detail. In this experiment, DNA was inserted into HEK 293t cells via transfection, bound with Flag beads via coimmunoprecipitation, and then visualized for activity, after gel electrophoresis, in a western blot. Through this process, Notch 4 was confirmed to be more expressive than the other three proteins, as seen in previous experiments2. However, further experimentation is needed to identify what relative amounts of Notch proteins yield equal expression. By identifying these relative amounts, further experimentation can be done to identify how these transcription factors change with respect to their “dimerizing” substituents. Insights into how they factors change the Notch signaling process could help in elucidating aspects of important health issues facing humans, such as strokes and other vascular diseases.

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