2021 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Natalie Mourant


Research has suggested that image receptors are one of the biggest carriers of microbial agents in radiology departments. During each exam, radiographers use anatomical side markers in conjunction with some type of adhesive, and these items come in contact with patients, image receptors, and other surfaces. This study sought to research if the adhesives used on anatomical side markers carried microbial agents as well as determine if one type of adhesive was any better at staying microbial free than another. The three types of adhesives tested were adhesive tape, adhesive strips, and adhesive putty. A three-person team collected a total of fourteen samples from fourteen different technologists, with samples being collected at three different hospitals. The technologists participating in the study were instructed to not clean or replace their markers or adhesives for a week. After a week, a two-centimeter by two-centimeter area on the adhesive of the left markers was swabbed. The swabs were cultured and left in an incubator for 48 hours before the colonies were assessed and counted. The surgical tape performed the best and the adhesive putty performed the worst in regard to harboring the most bacterial agents. Surgical tape appears to be the most sanitary choice of adhesive, however cleaning or replacing adhesive should be a practice carried out more frequently than once a week.



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