2021 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Kelly Chen


The National Football League conducts an annual combine to measure the physical and mental ability of prospective college athletes. The extent to which the combine affects a player's draft position is disputed. The purpose of this analysis is to determine whether current NFL combine metrics influence a player's draft position. To do this, I constructed correlation matrices using Pearson coefficients, and future analysis will employ regression models. Analyzing what combine tests most affect draft stock for given positions may increase player earnings and performance. I found many of the current combine metrics to be heavily correlated. Along with this, there are apparent differences between metric averages of a first-round versus a seventh-round pick. This finding may imply the NFL combine does indeed predict draft position to some extent. Due to the heavy correlations between NFL combine tests, I recommend the NFL allocate resources into formulating new tests that measure different aspects of an athlete's ability.



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