2021 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Jennifer Snow


As pre-service teacher-researchers, we had had the unique opportunity to student-teach during an unprecedented time. In our observations in our general education K-12 placements in a local public school district, we became curious about equity and access in relation to communication between teachers and families/guardians. During remote teaching due to the COVID-19 pandemic, communication is more critical now than ever.

Through this study we sought to understand what forms of communication were used by classroom teachers and families. In our placements we saw communication through email, sharing of personal teacher phone numbers (texting/calling), messaging apps (Remind & Class Dojo), home visits, papers mailed home, school/district automated phone calls, etc. We focused on how those communication methods are perceived by both the teachers and families.

Participants of the study include both general education and special education teachers along with parents/guardians of two different classes at two different schools. Surveys are being sent out to each individual with both qualitative and quantitative components. The purpose of this study is to provide recommendations to educators along with guide our own next steps as first year teachers as we communicate with and build relationships with families in our classroom.



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