2021 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Mari Rice


This case study provides an overview of three key threats that Fiji is facing due to the impacts of climate change. The degradation of coral reefs, threats to food security, and the challenge of relocating communities as a result of sea-level rise are all addressed. Coastal developments and warming seas are threatening coral reefs, immediate and drastic measures will need to be taken to protect such at-risk zones. Strict restrictions on coastal developments and renewable energy sources must be enacted. Seafood is the main source of protein for South Pacific nations such as Fiji, urgent action is needed to protect and recover declining fish populations. Expansion of sustainable fisheries and enforcement of Marine Protected Areas can aid in the effort to secure a viable food source for generations to come. Relocation of several villages is predicted, in order for these to be successful it will require significant community engagement, light-handed external support, and access to customary lands at higher elevations. These threats are evolving and will demand ongoing and thoughtful consideration to secure a prosperous future.



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