2021 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Gena Nelson


Learning disabilities are the most common type of disability in children. Oftentimes this translates to struggling with how to learn specific skills, like mathematics. While there is extensive research on what kinds of interventions may work for these students, little is known about the social validity (e.g., the perception of the intervention's helpfulness) of these interventions. Many studies have shown that intervention efficacy can be increased when the participants believe that the intervention is helpful and easy to use. To help fill this gap, the authors of this article conducted a synthesis of 22 studies to associate types of interventions for students with learning disabilities as well as the social validity of these interventions. Researchers coded for multiple variables, focusing on the presence of learning disability, social validity assessments for both teacher and student, and treatment fidelity. The results of this synthesis provide future researchers and teachers with important information about the types of mathematics interventions that students and teachers find to be the easiest to use and how social validity is currently being measured in intervention studies.



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