2021 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Andy Hyer


Objective. The purpose of this study is to investigate relationships between health insurance type and access to health care and relationships between health insurance and health outcomes.

Methods. A web-based survey was administered in late March 2021 using Qualtrics to investigate access to health care, health outcomes, and attitudes of students regarding health insurance.

Results. The survey was completed by 40 college students. 73% of the participants reported their gender as female and 27% reported their gender as male. Of the participants, 98% reported having private or public health insurance. Very good health or better was reported by 72% of the participants. Respondents who reported having insurance were more likely to have at least one preventive care visit in the past year (p=0.13). This study did not find a relationship between health insurance and health outcomes (p=0.92). Participants did not agree that health care was not needed if you were healthy (M=1.57 Range 1-5) and disagreed with signing up for a national health plan (M=2.77 Range 1-5).

Conclusion. This study indicates a relationship between health insurance and access to preventive care but does not indicate a relationship between health insurance and health outcomes.



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