2021 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Megan L. Smith


This study is intended to look at adolescent gender differences in perception of self esteem, gender equity and student-teacher relationship. Teachers play an important role in a student's life as a mentor. We believe it would be beneficial for students if teachers understand how students perceive their experiences in the classroom environment. Data for this study was collected in West Virginia as part of the Integrated Community Engagement Collaborative (ICE) project. Teachers distributed a survey to students in grades 6-12 (n=9,527) in 2017. The data was analyzed using a one-way ANOVA to investigate significant differences between girls and boys across perceptions of self esteem, gender equity, and teacher relationships. We found that boys reported higher self esteem than girls. We also found that boys reported greater perceptions of gender equity in the classroom. There was no significant difference in perceptions of the student-teacher relationship across genders. The findings identify that there are differences in perceptions between boys and girls, this may have implications for differential academic outcomes for young people. So, educators should think about ways to support both equity and self esteem in the classroom. Future research can look into what causes students to perceive gender inequity in the classroom.



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