2021 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Mary Pritchard


Research suggests that men and women have difficulty finding dating partners, initiating contact, initiating or avoiding sexual activity, and ending a date (Klaus et al., 1977). Furthermore, social anxiety and depression symptoms among women tend to be related with higher levels of motivation for dating application use (Lenton-Brym et al., 2020). This study investigated the influence of the dating applications on collegiate men and women user's social anxiety and dating intentions. We expected that women would be more likely to find a serious relationship, whereas men would utilize dating apps to find a casual relationship (Tullman et al., 2003). Women would express more anxiety around dating and social interactions (Lenton-Brym et al., 2020). 319 college students answered questions about dating on apps. We found women were looking for a serious relationship, whereas men wanted something casual or hookups. We found gender differences in type of date desired and that women were fearful of meeting the person on a date, whereas men were more scattered about their fears. Women scored higher on social anxiety. Results suggest that male and female college students may want to be cognizant of their motives as motivations for dating online may be different by gender.



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