2021 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Samia Islam


Our purpose in this research project will be to determine if the city of Boise is engaging Boise State students effectively through the platforms that students are using, and to identify areas of improvement where engagement is ineffective. The City of Boise is required by law to publish certain government legal and public hearing notices in a primary local newspaper. However, with the spread of online news and social media, newspapers may not be effectively reaching all demographics. Furthermore, college students are reading fewer printed newspapers, so they may be left out of the city news updates. Using a list of the city's current methods of communication, we will conduct a student survey to evaluate whether the information has reached the student population. We will use student demographic data from the Dean's office to create a representative sample. Comparing the student and city engagement data, we will examine the costs and benefits of each news source to ultimately answer: What would it cost the City of Boise to effectively reach university students? We expect to show that the benefits of adding more online news sources to reach college students may outweigh the costs of implementing these sources.



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