2021 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Heidi Wu


Galaxy clusters are the largest structure in the universe, and their observed gravitational lensing signal can be used to study the formation of structure in the Universe. The 3D shape of galaxy clusters impacts the gravitational lensing signal generated by the cluster. However, the 3D shape has primarily been studied in dark matter-only simulations--without taking into account the impact of the gas. IllustrisTNG is a public project containing 18 hydrodynamic simulations of large sections of the universe. We have written code to determine the 3D shape of the clusters contained in the simulations. This work compares how the shape is affected both by the resolution of the simulations and the gas in hydrodynamic simulations. We find that gas tends to make clusters more spherical, while higher resolution tends to make clusters more elliptical. This project will help us understand how gas impacts the 3D shape of galaxy clusters. Moving forward this data will be compared with other simulations in literature.



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