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Burj Al Arab

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The Burj Al Arab is one of the fanciest and largest luxury hotels in the world. It is located in Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates and sits on the Persian Gulf. The Burj Al Arab is the tallest hotel on Earth, standing 321m tall and is located on an island 280m off of Jumeirah Beach. Many significant architectural and engineering challenges were faced with the construction of the Burj Al Arab. Economically, the build was estimated at 7.8 billion U.S. dollars. Because of the oil boom, Dubai had a lot of money within their city. However, with the oil running out, this was a very large and risky purchase. From a social standpoint, the people living in Dubai were facing much more tourism once the Burj Al Arab was built. Their city would have tourists roaming the streets every day, impacting their infrastructure. With the city of Dubai now being looked at as one of the top tourist locations in the world and a wealthy vacation destination, this could also be a political challenge. When it comes to the strength of the structure itself, environmental issues also took place. Being located on the gulf, the structure has to endure earthquakes and Gulf storms. The Burj Al Arab continues to stand out as one of the most iconic megastructures of the 21st century. This luxury hotel amazes those that study and visit it, from its intricate construction and high-class amenities and views, to its global, political, and economic impacts.



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