2021 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Jen Pierce


In the world of iPhones, laptops, and social media, the best initiatives don't make change without an effective website. This project seeks to connect climate passionate people on a local/regional scale to spur conversation, collaboration, and improve access to resources related to climate literacy and education. The i-CLEER Community has the potential to be one of the leading forces driving the climate response in Idaho. Through observation of aspirational web designs, the i-CLEER website has been designed in a way that lays the foundation for future web-managers to modify the site to be even more engaging for the community. This process has identified some key areas for website expansion and general organizational improvement including but not limited to: development of better feedback mediums, creation and expansion of social media presence, community submissions for web content highlights, and outreach events for K-12 educators including workshops to demonstrate application of lesson plans to the classroom.



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