2021 Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Samia Islam


Our research will examine the trends in wages in unskilled jobs between the years 2010-2021 in Boise, Idaho. We will conduct an online survey, by Typeform, that will include information regarding the wage rates for unskilled positions. The surveyors will be asked a question regarding their skill level. Level one is no skill and no training (maid, babysitter), level 2 is no skill, with little training (retail, fast food). Level 3 is minimal skill (call center), level four is skill in addition to training (manager), and level 5 is skill that requires an education or degree. Within the survey, we will include demographic questions on age, family size, and the industry they are currently employed in will be asked. Other questions that will be asked will include how much money the individual makes in a year. We will then synthesize this survey data into further tangible metrics, using a desktop app called Excel, which will allow us to create charts and graphics. We will use the data from the survey to calculate the average wage of unskilled workers in Boise, Idaho. Along with the average wage, we will determine the most predominant unskilled industries in the Boise, Idaho area and the industries experiencing most wage growth. These estimates will be compared to the national averages.



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